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Cashmere: pleasure to be lived on the skin. Charm to wear, to feel good about yourself and among others. Otto&Mezzo was born from an idea by Giovanna Arnoldi, a passionate entrepreneur who loves to travel, in search of beauty in places, in art and in artifacts. The choice of the brand evokes the charm of the Italian lifestyle in the world, pays homage to the master Federico Fellini and to the atmosphere of the film "La dolce vita". Otto&Mezzo represents all the quality and seduction of the Italian lifestyle. Designed and handmade in Italy ... 100% Italian.Styling and design combined with the know-how of a carefully crafted production characterize and make each Otto & Mezzo garment unique. The Otto&Mezzo style is not only pleasant and elegant: it is unmistakable. The precision of the workmanship and the attention to every detail make it so. UNIQUE LIKE YOU Otto&Mezzo offers the great experience of his Atelier to create authentic bespoke garments to dress every size with style. The quality of a fine garment speaks through every detail, the careful manufacturing and finishing of the seams, buttons and frogs are made with natural materials: horn or mother of pearl, produced in Italy for Otto&Mezzo. Contact us for an appointment! THE COLLECTIONS The hand of our cashmere is soft, silky and velvety to the touch it gives a warm and soft feeling, its fiber is light and resistant at the same time, it allows the skin to breathe and is comfortable. Otto&Mezzo uses only the highest quality combed yarns for its production: they can be recognized by their uniform, smooth and shiny surface. The yarn is very thin and resistant because it is obtained from very long fibers, subjected to a process of parallelization and ironing. The yarns are dyed through an accurate process that requires great experience and professionalism: cashmere does not stand prolonged exposure to high temperatures, the dyeing operation is delicate and each process must respect the rest times to avoid any damage.